Kicks out up to 175,000 Btu

The WoodMaster AFS 1100 furnace uses wood pellets, corn, small grains and other materials to heat multiple buildings, including a home, garage or workshop, pool, spa, greenhouse or commercial structure.

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Colors & Specs

Six standard colors:


Eleven custom colors: Contact a pellet furnace dealer.

AFS 1100 specifications:

  • Fire Box 34” x 32”
  • Door Size 16” x 16”
  • Thickness: 1/4” fire drum & water jacket
  • Draft Control: Fan
  • Overall Size 7’ x 5’ x 6’
  • Heating Capacity 175,000 Btu
  • Total Water Capacity 120 gallons
  • Limited Warranty 5 years
  • Shipping Weight 1,800 lbs.

Heating area may vary depending on construction, insulation and climate.



No fuels enter the house to limit smoke, soot, fire hazards and the risk of dangerous carbon monoxide buildup


The power of pellets

Wood pellets are 100% sawdust, a by-product from furniture makers, saw, paper and other mills, and otherwise destined for landfills. The sawdust is compressed and formed into 1/4-inch diameter cylinders and packaged in 40 lb. bags.


WoodMaster exclusives:

Heat transfer design draws more heat from burning a comparable amount of corn, small grains or wood pellets than competitive furnaces


Digital Electronic Temperature Control (ETC) is one center for operating temperature settings, blower, reset, water level indicator and nightlight in an easy-to-read display.


Each WoodMaster Pellet furnace is installed outdoors, from 25–400 feet from the home or structure(s) that it will heat. A core fire box is surrounded by a water jacket. The fire warms water to its optimal heating temperature, maintained by automatic controls. The warm water moves through insulated underground piping into the home's heat exchangers and heating system. Inside, you control the temperature with your thermostat.

Corn & grain drying

The WoodMaster Pellet’s high Btu output can save farmers thousands of dollars by using a Desert Air dryer to dry down their own corn and grain in the fall


Bin setup

Fuel storage bin options hold 60 to 340 bushels, so owners can re-fuel the furnace at their convenience, with bin capacity ranging from one month to an entire heating season’s supply



Outdoor pellet furnace maintenance tips:

  • Manage combustion by keep a continuous supply of oxygen and using the proper amount and type of fuels
  • Properly build fires:
    • Never use flammable liquids
    • Warm the flue
  • Check the auger and hopper for accumulated materials (fines). The fuel in the hopper and auger tube should be run out occasionally to prevent sawdust from blocking it.
  • Inspect chimney flue, stovepipe every month
    • Look for cracked liners, missing parts, bird nests or other hazards
  • Clean joints, chimney connectors and flues as necessary
  • If you do have a chimney fire, inspect and repair weakened parts before restarting furnace
  • Properly, regularly dispose of ashes

Owner’s Resources

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